“The Sculptures  and installations of Andrea Garcia had made a timely appearance in the Colombian artistic scene, in need of and three-dimensional works with a contemporary orientation.

Her work speaks in first instance of recycling, which means, the transformation of materials that has already fulfilled a function, into materials that can fulfill another function, recovering components that are found in urban waste, to get new products and in that order achieve with them a whole new number of social benefits such as energy saving and the possibility of living in a more healthy and clean environment. Society, avid consumers, have been leaving behind footsteps that are the testimony of its voracious appetite, and this is what the artist turn into elaborations where matter acquires a new speech from the approaches she makes about the rehabilitated object”.


2011 “Radiografias, Galeria La cometa, Bogota, Colombia

2011  “Origen”, Galeria La Cometa Sala subcero, Bogota, Colombia

2011 “Fugas”, Galeria 12:00, Bogota, Colombia

2019 “Tejidos Urbanos”, Curaduría Eduardo Serrano.  Biblioteca Country Club, Bogota, Colombia


2012 “Catalizaciones” ,Sincronia Bogotá, Colombia

2012 “Porque todos merecemos una segunda oportunidad”  Club El Nogal, Bogotá, Colombia

2010 “Formato Chic”, Cero Galerîa, Bogotá, Colombia

2010 “Colectiva 12:00” Galeria 12:00, Bogotá, Colombia

2010 “Bienal de Venecia de Bogotá”, Curator; Franklin Aguirre. Salón Comunal Barrio Venecia, Cero Galeria  Bogota, Colombia.

2010 “Zona D”, Claustro Usaquen, Bogotá, Colombia 2010 “EXALUMNOS CNG”, Curaduría Estefanía Sokoloff. Colegio Nueva Granada Bogotá, Colombia.


2010 “Bienal de Venecia de Bogotá”, Curaduría Franklin Aguirre.